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Technological and Applied Studies

The Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) department at Granville Boys High School offers a variety of experiences to boys, both within and outside the timetable. Traditional areas of Wood and Metal Technology continue to be offered, together with Design and Technology, Food Technology, Electronics, Industrial Technology, Metals and Engineering, Construction, Hospitality and Engineering Studies.

The facilities available for work in the industrial arts field are exceptional, and equal to any in the state. All boys have something to gain from the subjects which are offered.

The TAS department has excellent facilities and continues to promote new technologies to enhance the experience of the students. There are two multi-material workshops, two materials-specific rooms used for the wood-based courses, one kitchen, one dedicated graphics studio and four computer labs. The department's computer rooms run the latest three-dimensional drawing packages and digital media programs.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a major focus for the department. There are many opportunities for students to appropriately integrate these technologies into their project. Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is used to generate three-dimensional product models and working drawings through all years. The faculty has incorporated the use of three dimensional printing technology into the curriculum to ensure students are engaging in the twenty-first century learning environment.

What is good about technology?

Much in education involves routine procedures for solving problems and rote learning of facts, figures or rules. When tasks are practical, processes must be understood before success is possible. Concepts unique to TAS are those concerned with the measurement datum, accurate measurements, priorities in measurements, sizing and the behaviour of materials when worked. Familiarity with a large range of hand and power tools is also developed. Design has for a long time been an integral part of TAS subjects, and today the emphasis is increased and broadened to include the environmental and social aspects of design.

Extra curricular TAS

A wide variety of extra curricular activities are available within TAS area, all of which provide new challenges. The emphasis in all activities is on self-reliance and the development of decision making capacity. The extra curricular activities operate during lunch time and sometimes after school. They cover all areas of TAS and include various competitions such as The Solar Challenge and Robotics.