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Peer Mediation

Granville Boys High School facilitates a peer mediation program which provides students, who are experiencing low-level conflict, with the opportunity to resolve their dispute with the assistance of our trained student mediators. These student mediators take a neutral position to guide students through a structured and fair process to assist them to resolve their dispute and reach a reasonable agreement by simply talking it out.

The process of peer mediation has many benefits. Students not only resolve their conflict but also develop active listening skills, improved communication skills, increased empathy and gain a better understanding of other people’s perspectives.

The peer mediation program has been running successfully at Granville Boys School for a number of years and is designed to contribute to a positive, caring and safe school environment.


The program is run under the guidance of Dr Nicky McWilliam from the University of Technology Sydney Law Faculty, who has conducted extensive research in this area, authored peer reviewed papers on this topic, and presented at conferences both here in Australia and overseas. Dr McWilliam has been working with Granville Boys High School over that last few years and has facilitated peer mediation courses for around 300 of our students. Dr McWilliam regularly attends our school to mentor our team of student mediators and to provide guidance during student mediations. 

Peer Mediation Team