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Information and digital technology

Information and digital technology is a 2 unit vocational education and trainign (VET) framework.

Why study information and digital technology (IT)?

Computers are in all industries and so are computer jobs. Skills gained in an IT course could lead to a career in designing web pages, software and games, creating programs, systems and databases, networking computers, finding solutions to technical and software programs.

Working in the information technology industry involves:

  • Designing — advertisements, web pages, programs, systems, software and games.
  • Networking — computers and the world through the Internet.
  • Support — computer users, software and networks in any industry.
  • Communicating — with clients, staff, management, suppliers and government departments, working in a team.
  • Finding Solutions — to technical and software problems to satisfy industry and client needs.
  • Managing — information, people and events.

Course description

This course is based on units of competency which have been developed by the information technology industry to describe the competencies, skills and knowledge required by workers who use information technology.

Students concentrate on developing a range of skills required to prepare them to work effectively in an environment where information technology is used. These include oral and written communication skills, teamwork skills, the efficient use of a range of software application packages, essential hardware management and occupational health and safety competencies.

Course requirements regarding work placement

Students must complete work placement of up to 70 hours depending on the length of the course selected.


Competency Based Assessment

This is a competency based course. This requires students to develop the competencies, skills and knowledge described by each unit of competency. Students must demonstrate to a qualified assessor that they can effectively carry our the various tasks to the standard required in an appropriate industry, to be assessed as competent.

External Assessment — optional higher school certificate examination

The higher school certificate examinations for information technology support (240 hours) will involve a written examination made up of multiple choice items, short answers and extended response items.

The examination is independent of the competency based assessment undertaken during the course and has no impact on the eligibility of a student to receive Australian qualificaions framework (AQF) qualifications.