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Students learn to planning and conducting investigations, experiments, note taking, research, calculations, problem solving techniques, group work, computer experiences and processing information.

Higher school certificate (HSC) topics

Core topics:

  • production of materials
  • the acidic environment
  • chemical monitoring and management.

One option from the following:

  • industrial chemistry
  • shipwrecks, corrosion and conservation
  • the biochemistry of movement
  • the chemistry of art
  • forensic chemistry.

 School assessment

A research project in each of the preliminary and HSC courses.

Other tasks include formal examinations, practical tests and reports, topic tests. 

HSC examination — 3 hour written examination

Section 1 (core):

  • part 'A': multiple choice (15 marks)
  • part 'B': short answer and extended response (60 marks).

Section 2 (option)

  • one option out of five (25 marks).

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