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Students will learn:

  • theory and practise
  • to use scientific calculator
  • to use technology where appropriate.

Students will be expected to complete a variety of tasks:

  • written examinations
  • assignments
  • oral presentations.

To succeed in Mathematics, students will need:

  • stage 5.3/5.2 mathematics in year 10 (at least a band 4, 5 or 6 in the school certificate)
  • organisational skills
  • highly developed algebra skills
  • self discipline
  • working effectively in groups or independently
  • strong graphing and tabulation skills.

During the higher school certificate (HSC) course, students will study:

  • coordinate methods in geometry
  • applications of geometrical properties
  • geometrical applications of differentiation
  • integration
  • trigonometric functions
  • logarithmic and exponential functions
  • applications of calculus to the physical world
  • probability
  • series and series applications.

Special requirements of the course:

  • Successful completion of┬áPreliminary course.

School assessment:

  • knowledge, understanding and skills (80%)
  • reasoning, interpretative, explanatory and communicative abilities (20%).

Higher school certificate examination

A three hour written examination paper. Board-approved calculators, geometrical instruments and approved geometrical templates may be used.

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