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General mathematics

Students will learn:

  • practical applications of mathematics to everyday situations

  • to use technology

  • problem solving involving real-life situations.

Students will be expected to complete a variety of tasks:

  • written tests

  • assignments

  • oral/written reports

  • work samples

  • practical investigations or projects

  • written explanation of problem solutions

  • practical tasks.

To succeed in General Mathematics, students will need:

  • stage 5.1 mathematics in year 10 (at least a band 3 in school certificate)

  • interest in mathematics and willingness to apply myself

  • organisational skills

  • self discipline

  • working effectively in groups or independently

  • strong graphing and tabulation skills.

During the higher school certificate (HSC) course, students will study:

  • financial mathematics

  • data analysis

  • measurement

  • probability

  • algebraic modelling.

Special requirements of the course:

  • Successful completion of Preliminary course.

School assessment:

  • knowledge and skills (40%)
  • applications (60%).

Higher school certificate examination:

  • two and a half hour written examination paper
  • section One — 22 multiple choice questions
  • section Two — 6 questions each worth 13 marks based mainly on HSC topics.

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