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English studies

What students learn    

  • Compose and respond to a variety of written, spoken and visual texts — literary and everyday.
  • Read widely as a means of understanding.

Task requirements

  • Writing portfolios.
  • Roleplay interviews.
  • Oral presentations.
  • Excursions.
  • Extended creative compositions and literary responses, including such forms as essays, narratives, and interview transcripts.

Successful completion requirements

  • The ability to read and view a variety of texts.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a group.

What students study during the higher school certificate (HSC) course

Mandatory study:

  • we are Australians — English in citizenship, community and cultural identity.

3-5 modules from:

  • the way we worked — English for exploring the past through industrial events in Australia
  • in the marketplace — English and the world of business
  • discovery and investigation — English and the sciences
  • part of the family — English and family life
  • the big screen — English in film-making.

School Assessment

  • Writing portfolio.
  • Research assignment.
  • Oral presentation/report.
  • Viewing/listening task.
  • Multiple choice, short answer and extended response tests.

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