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English fundamentals

What students learn

  • Improve reading, writing and knowledge of language techniques.
  • Write specific text types such as essays resumes and letters.
  • Practice skills in answering questions.

Task requirements:

  • Short responses to texts that you will study in standard English
  • extended writing, such as essays, narratives and resumes
  • oral presentations as part of both formal and informal assessment.

Successful completion requirements:

  • A desire to improve your reading and writing skills
  • the ability to work independently and as part of a group
  • the willingness to work independently.

What students study:

  • Approaches to area of study in English
  • writing for study
  • workplace communication.

School assessment:

  • Approached to area of study in English — reading
  • writing for study
  • workplace communications
  • curriculum vitae
  • examination.

Please note there is no higher school certificate (HSC) examination for this course. It is not offered in the HSC year.