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Advanced english

What students learn

  • Compose and respond to a variety of complex written, spoken and visual texts.
  • Read and view a variety of complex texts — including at least one Shakespeare text.
  • Read widely as a means of increasing understanding in the area of study and electives.

Task requirements

  • Short responses to both seen and unseen texts.
  • Extended creative compositions and literacy responses. These may include such forms as essays, narratives, interview transcripts, and wiki discussions.
  • Oral presentations, including podcasts, as part of both formal and informal assessment.
  • Dramatic representations of texts studied.

Successful completion requirements

  • High level of competence in reading and viewing texts of varying levels of complexity.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a group to increase understanding of written, spoken and visual texts.
  • The ability to compose increasingly complex texts in a variety of forms and for different audiences and purposes.
  • The ability to work independently as part of both internal and external assessment.
  • Commitment to achieving your personal best in a demanding course.

Preliminary study

  • Introduction to senior English.
  • Practice area of study.
  • 3 elective modules including: Individual text study, genre study and comparative text study.

Special requirements of the course

texts must be:

  • shakespearean drama
  • prose fiction
  • drama or film
  • poetry
  • one drawn from non-fiction, media or multi-media texts.