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Year 11

The range of subjects are:

  • Visual arts
  • music.


Students will learn performing, composing, researching and listening to a wide variety of different types of music including music of the students' choice.

Course topics

3 topics chosen from a list of 21 which cover a range of styles, periods and genres.

School assessment

  • Performance β€” 25%
  • composition β€” 25%
  • musicology β€” 25%.

Visual Arts

Students learn to study images and objects; Experiment with ideas and techniques, create artworks in a number of mediums. example painting, sculpting, printmaking, collage and photography.

Preliminary topics

  • Investigations in the practice in art making, art criticism and art history.
  • The role and function of artists, the world, artwork and audiences in the world of art.
  • β€˜The Frames' and informed points of view.
  • Develop meaning, focus and interest in artmaking.
  • Building skills and understandings with different forms and materials.

School assessment

  • Artworks in at least 2 forms and visual arts process diary.
  • A broad investigation of ideas in art criticism and art history.

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