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Year 9

Students can elect to study the following subjects:

  • Music
  • visual arts
  • drama (film and televison).


The aim of the course is to foster an enjoyment of music through listening, composing and performing on one or more instruments.

Students learn about:

  • History of music
  • music of a culture
  • popular music
  • keyboard and guitar skills.

Students learn through:

  • Performing different musical instruments
  • technology
  • group performances.

Visual arts

The Visual Arts course encourages student's to work with a range of media to develop artworks that communicate ideas and feelings on a range of themes and issues. It looks at possible meanings of other artist's works and investigates the contribution which artists make to society.

The students learn about:

  • Other living things
  • printmaking techniques
  • places and spaces
  • digital photography
  • photoshop
  • painting techniques
  • composition.

The students learn through:

  • Practical media such as clay, computer, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design and photography
  • excursions.


The aim of the drama course is:

  • To develop the knowledge and skills to be able to make independent films.
  • To develop an understanding of how film manipulates audience.
  • To develop an understanding of how film changes over time reflecting a changing world.

Students learn about:

  • Slapstick comedy
  • horror
  • sporting films
  • junior trop fest film festival
  • sound effects
  • script writing
  • film editing
  • introduction to special effects.

Students learn through:

  • Movie making and editing
  • script writing
  • research tasks
  • viewing and criticism of film
  • drama journal
  • sound effects database.

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